Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July- Summary of Lessons

- In a game of Handball, dribbling (moving with the ball) is allowed.

- When you bounce the ball, do not tap the ball, press the ball down straight with your fingers.

Passing and Catching
- Pass the ball with one hand and catch the ball with two hands.
- When catching the ball, stretch out hands and hands must form a triangle, between thumb and index finger.
- Take the ball early, don't wait for the ball to come to you.

- Guard the ball with your body when opponent tries to snatch the ball.
- The ball must always be furthest away from the opponent/ defender.
- Never face the ball to the opponent/ defender.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29th June Summary of Lesson

- A short, accurate pass works the best when in a small place.
- The pass that we learnt was the "Chest Pass".
- The person receiving the pass has to always move to not get the ball intercepted by the marker.
- The ball must not go over the head when doing the "Chest Pass".

28th summary of lesson


- Space plays a vital role in any territorial game
- When passing to a receiver, make sure the receiver is in an empty space as there is more possibility of a successful pass
- Prevent overcrowding in one spot by spreading out

Monday, April 11, 2011



 Student being evaluated: Kaelan
Student evaluator: Benjamin

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Evaluator: Iffah, Aziel and Jing Yi
Student(s) being evaluated: Iffah, Aziel and Jing Yi